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Save Hatton Fields!

Hounslow Council has released a new Local Plan as part of their July 2024 cabinet meeting agenda.  The plan includes the proposal to partially release greenbelt status with the intention for this land to be developed into warehousing and logistics.

Friends of Hatton Fields is analysing the plan and we should soon learn the dates for the public consultation.  Watch this space for further updates, petitions and events and please sign up to our newsletter.

The last version of Hounslow Council’s local plan included the allocation of Hatton Fields as a site for an Airport Business Park (warehouses). In April 2023 the council made a statement that they would withdraw the plan and “continue the excellent work” throughout 2023. We are expecting a new local plan during the summer of 2024. 
There are no guarantees to date from Hounslow Council – despite our submission of our petition with over 1,000 signatures – that they will not propose development on Hatton Fields yet again. Therefore our campaign and our fight to Save Hatton Fields continues. 
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Barmy for the Barn Owl

One of our members has again recorded something quite incredible for us all to be proud of. She explains:   “Our garden is a few steps away from the Duke of Northumberland River and Hatton Fields. Lately, as evenings are warmer, we like to sit there and enjoy some peace and quiet.  A couple of weeks ago we heard a strange noise above us that we hadn’t heard before.   It was quite scary as we couldn’t see the source of the noise as it was already after sunset.  The next evening, almost at the same time, we heard it again.  As soon as we heard the sound, we noticed that it was a white or grey bird with wings wider than 1 meter. It could be only an owl! Another evening, I recorded her on my phone and compared it with many records on YouTube, then I verified it on the iNaturalist app. So now we know for sure that a Barn Owl is flying above Hatton Fields and our garden. It’s absolutely amazing; despite all the pollution and noise from the airport and living on the city, we have such amazing wildlife on our doorstep.” Barn owls have

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Salix Ecology Training Friday

Today we were very happy to spend our Friday on Hatton Fields and at Bedfont Primary to improve our local ecology skills so that we can monitor the quality of the grassland that we all enjoy. Thank you to both Salix Ecology and Bedfont Primary for making the day run so smoothly. We spent the morning learning about why grassland is so important, how we have lost so much meadowland and native species in the UK and why we should be doing all that we can to protect these habitats. Then we had some time to learn about different types of plants and how to identify them. We also got some tips on how the fields could be better managed into the future. After invading Bedfont Primary staff room (thanks for having us!) we then practiced what we had learned in the morning on the fields themselves. We were lucky with the weather and I have to say I think we all increased our knowledge ten-fold. We will post an event for us to carry out an assessment soon.

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Upcoming Events


July Bat Walk

Richmon Avenue Bedfont

It’s time for our monthly bat walk to explore and understand more about our bat population. So far 5 species identified on Hatton Fields. We will meet at the bridge at the end of Richmond


Litter Pick

Richmon Avenue Bedfont

Join us in demonstrating to the Council that Friends of Hatton Fields and our wider community care about our fields by helping us to keep the fields and hedgerows clean and tidy. This is important